General Electric builds thousands of technical items for the home.  You most likely already have a fridge, stove or something as simple as a light-bulb in your house with their brand on it.  If you have had a home security system installed in your home within the last 20 years the equipment (whether you knew it or not) it is most likely GE.

GE’s line of video surveillance products offers simplicity and sophistication in the form of networked security solutions which incorporate IP cameras, switchers, digital recorders, and encoders. GE SymSuite, for instance, is an IP video security platform that transmits digital video feeds across an IP network so that the footage can be viewed remotely by any computer with network access and an internet connection. For those looking to switch to digital surveillance without tossing out their existing analog CCTV cameras, the company offers products such as the SymDec digital video recorder and the SymNet encoder which converts analog video footage to digital.